From the logo you choose to represent your business, to the colours and images you use in your marketing,
a strong and consistent visual identity is everything.  Prospective clients need to understand who you are
and what you do, ideally at first glance.

We’ll listen to your ideas, take account of your audience’s needs and provide you with plenty of design advice.
Then we’ll get to work exploring and developing a stand-out company identity and a suite of
marketing materials that will make your business memorable.

We’ve been working with start-ups, since we started our business several years ago!,
So we understand that striking out on your own takes courage.  You’ll find us encouraging and full of support
as you take the plunge – and our professional designs are sure to fill you and your clients with confidence.

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While long-established companies often already boast a strong visual identity, there’s a wide range
of design projects that our professional team are primed to assist you with.

We can help refresh those tired or outdated marketing materials, breathe visual life into specific client campaigns,
or produce compelling design work for regular newsletters and one-off brochures.

Additionally, if you’re about to launch a new product or service, our business knowledge and design expertise
will help you grab the right attention from the right audience.

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We’re extremely well-networked in the Essex area, and are members of the Women in Business Network (WIBN)
Leigh-on-Sea, which means we have a strong understanding of the needs of our local community.
This adds essential knowledge and insight to the design work we do for local companies.

We really enjoy supporting local businesses, and many of our local clients come to us because they’ve been referred
by another happy client…which is just the way we like it!

Most companies will need to consider using a designer at certain points in their business journey.
Whether you’re looking for a brand-new company identity, a marketing refresh or something more specific,
our designs will help you get the customer engagement you’re looking for - whether local or further afield.

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One of the benefits of being an established design company is that we’re happy, willing and able to offer
valuable support to local charities and community ventures.

We love helping our local community by promoting good causes, some of which you can view in our portfolio.
Wherever possible, we provide lower-rate design services for charities and grass roots clubs, as well as sourcing
value-added print deals tailored to restricted budgets.

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