I don’t know if people are “born to do something”, but I knew from the age of four years old that I wanted
to be a designer. I can honestly say I have lived and breathed it ever since.

Mix that passion of all things ‘design’ with being brought up by entrepreneurial parents, who owned
a variety of businesses including market stalls, nightclubs, dating agencies and a racehorse, and I guess
it was always on the cards that I would have my own business - in the design industry.

Those who know me will tell you I am endlessly curious, full of questions and have a love of technology
that keeps me keenly interested in the latest trends and all that is new and cutting edge.
I’m an enthusiastic, life-long learner.

From being one of the first freelancers to be trained in CAD (computer-aided design), whilst working with
Courtaulds Lingerie in 1997, to teaching graphic design at the Central Graphics Academy, I am constantly
developing my skillset so that I can bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and ideas to the table.

In fact I created Reflect Design for Print in 2009 to bring everything I know and stand for together, so that I could
offer the kind of world class end-to-end service I wanted to deliver. I’m not just about making things look pretty,
I’m about creating design that will help your business grow.

And, whether at work or play, I believe life is for living. When I’m not up to my elbows in the latest design
project for one of our awesome clients, I have a sporty side that has seen me gain a black belt in judo, compete
at national and international level, and burn off my endless energy swimming, diving and rollerskating! Although,
nowadays, I do tend to opt for more gentle activities, such as qi gong, pilates and a variety of spiritual practices and learnings.

If you value working with someone who thrives on being innovative, creative and committed to getting the most out of a budget.

The wonderful, Erin Moorby our Junior Design and Trainee Studio Manager who is a little star in the studio.

Initially taken on as an apprentice Erin has proven to be a true asset to the business, continually
growing and always eager to learn.

Since being first employed in 2014, she has gained a vast set of skills and experience, from barely
knowing how the programmes worked or how to create print ready design, she now does all of this effortlessly
and now works closely with our clients whilst also learning how to manage the studio and work flow.

Erin says: ”I has always had a passion for design whilst studying Fine Art and Graphics at Schools and
during achieving a NVQ 3 whilst on my apprenticeship with Reflect.

When the opportunity to pursue a career in Graphic Design came up I just couldn’t say no!”

When she is not in the studio designing for you, she enjoy’s cooking and baking for her family and friends, and keeping-fit.