Last month we touched on new start-ups and the importance of Logo Design and getting it right, right from the start! This month’s blog follows on from this, by looking at the importance of good design in business and why it’s a must!

You can have the best business in the world, but unless it gives a professional first impression, you’re going to have a hard time convincing clients to believe and trust in you.

A graphic designer can help businesses leapfrog that entire first part by making a brand new business look super-professional from Day One, with an identity that reflects the business and expresses the company’s brand.

To a start-up, that is really worth something!

Some mistakes to avoid
Most businesses when starting out, don’t have a massive budget, a large client base, or a website showing their audience evidence of their expertise, what they do and how they do it. Nor do they have the marketing materials to roll out for the many activities a business will try throughout its lifetime.

Producing any of these things is difficult unless the business has a solid identity and brand and a unique selling point – or USP as you will frequently hear it called. The first thing a new start-up needs before introducing itself to the world is to create an identity that reflects the business and expresses the company’s purpose and vision.

Now you could, as most new businesses do… think BUDGET and may decide the best way to start is to produce this yourself or get a friend, or an inexperienced designer to do this. And a lot of businesses do!

We have worked with many that have started this way but realised in quite a short space of time that the identity they have created is just not cutting it and standing out among the competition. In fact, sometimes they are quite embarrassed by their company’s image. And that can’t be good for the growth of any business, and will definitely give the wrong message and impression to potential clients.

These businesses have had a bit of practice in running a business, before they realise they cannot move forward and approach new audiences without looking the part. Hey, all of us have been new start-ups at some point and whatever your knowledge, there is always another element to explore, expand and take on board as a business owner, design being just one of them. We know: not only do we work with a lot of new start-ups, we’ve been there too! Which is why we understand the process and our clients’ needs and pressure points at the stage of starting out.

Investing in the right areas
Either way, whether you are a new business or have been established for a little while, at some point you will have spent some of that budget to employ the time and experience of a designer to get this right. Just as you will reach the point where you may employ other professionals to take over the parts of your business which need some expertise, such as your accounts, your marketing strategy, your social media and online presence, your sales techniques, etc…

So why not get that crucial aspect of your design exactly right from your launch! It will allow you to hit the ground running and start marketing the business straight away rather than having to change the business’s image and marketing collateral somewhere down the line, including profiles, your website and printed matter! The last thing you want is having to start again with the recognition game once the business’s appearance has changed!

So! By now I think I have got my point across!

The designer’s role
Let’s talk a bit more about what a designer takes on board to create your identity, which is why we are designers and not accountants! You wouldn’t let an inexperienced person anywhere near your figures so why trust your business identity and the materials it uses to communicate with to anyone less than an experienced and talented designer?

A designer’s job is more than just designing the logo. The idea here isn’t for the designer to just create something cool and eye-catching, it’s to help them stand out in the industry the start-up is looking to work in and make them look like they belong there.

This includes considering the name of the business, conceiving a logo design, the typography, colours, imagery, the message and even the methods of marketing. As designers, we look at what works and what doesn’t and make sure our client’s new brand fits snugly into the very best of everything.

As designers, we love consistency so will ensure the identity and brand is rolled out across the whole marketing suite. We will see that our clients maintain the level of professionalism we have laid out for them throughout the growth of the business, including working with them as the company changes and experiments with new audiences, services and messages.

If you are new in business, you should be looking to find a designer you can build a relationship with who understands your business and can cater for your growing requirements.

Be far-sighted
Look ahead when selecting a designer, don’t just think: “I’ll get the logo designed and that’s         all I need.”

You WILL also need a business card, a website, and depending on the type of business, stationery, leaflets, brochures, advertising signage, as well as photographic and copywriting services.

So try and find a designer or a design agency that can cater for the needs of YOUR business, looking forward with you.

Ideally you want to work with an agency that you can just pick up the phone to, explain your idea, event or campaign and leave them to produce the visual concepts for your feedback. The process should be easy when you have that kind of relationship and a good designer will always add their ideas to the mix!

Here are some of the services a graphic designer CAN provide to a business across the print and digital platforms:

• Logo Design
• Company Identity Design
• Brand Creation
• Stationery
• Leaflets, Postcards, Posters
• Brochures, Magazines, Newsletters, Tabloids
• Advertisements
• Shop and Van Signage
• Illustrations / Infographics
• Photography and Retouching/Manipulation
• Copywriting
• Website Design and Build
• New Start-Up and Marketing Advice

Reflect makes the difference
At Reflect we offer new start-ups all of these design services at affordable prices, and better still, you’ll find working with us a smooth, hassle-free and highly professional process.

You’ll find that we listen to you, understand your business strategy and goals, consider your audience and, of course, your budget, to create marketing materials that reflect your business and tick all your boxes.

And whether you are a new start-up looking to create and develop your logo and company identity or an established business requiring a more focused product for a marketing campaign, we will spend valuable time getting to know you and your business, so that we can create stand-out identities and marketing materials that really reflect your business and speak to your customer base.

Call 01702 513131 or email to arrange a free consultation and find out how we can help your business from the right from the start.